On the outskirts of either city is an expansive garden that never has new city elements materialize over it. In fact, these gardens seem to relocate at times to remain on the outside of each city. They contain the last physical form, cast in crystal, of each champion who has died in the pose they held at the moment of their death. After over a century of this sport, the number of statues has become a massive tally of each side's victories and the other side's failures. When a character who bears Alpha or Omega as a patron is killed, their body remains for roughly half an hour. If it is not somehow revived in that period of time, it disappears and a statue of the character in their death pose appears in the gardens. There is some discussion among the native born humanoids as to if the dead bodies are turned into crystal or if they are simply returned to the point of origin and the crystals used to represent them.

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