Comic Source

Any number of comic companies exist. Each character who exists on this game likely fits somewhere within an existing comic world. Even if you are creating an OC, the fact remains that your powers and abilities likely fit within one or more continuities. A good example of an OC who fits within a given comic universe would be if one was creating a mutant to join the X-men or Xavier's school. Obviously the choice of comic sources here would be clear. With others, it may be an obscure choice. Regardless, it is best to be able to indicate a given comic source the character you are creating fits within. With OCs, there probably isn't going to be a wrong choice and this will mostly relate to flavor of the character.

FCs who are coming from existing continuity will have a comic source already and will simply note which comic source their character originates from. Below are some examples of how the comic source may be noted. When the character is an FC, simply note the source. If they are an OC, append the source with a - OC.

Image - OC

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