Character Magnitude

This is the measure of generic skills that weren't worth noting or weren't found on the character sheet. It has a great deal to do with the nature of the character. Any generic skill (swimming, driving, etc for an average human) that they can do average or less at need not be noted. Any object of similar value (A gun, knife, batarang, smoke pellet, etc) that isn't particularly hard to obtain or unusual in some way falls within this as well. The options listed below are the only ones available for a Character Magnitude. Characters who have always had the crutch of powers (Superman for example) or who are very young (most of the young X-men, etc) would likely only have Average. Those who have done a lot of broad spectrum training where they may have touched any number of skills that weren't noted (ala Batman) or who are very old (His rival Al'ghul) will tend to have Regional listed as their Character Magnitude. Most characters will fall somewhere in between however and be listed as Local. When using a given skill or determining the usefulness of an object not noted on your character sheet, you can pick any level of Prowess from Nonexistant (I don't have it at all) to Basic (I can do well enough to get by, but won't be in any competitions). If some ability needs more Magnitude or Prowess than that, it should be set as it's own specific skill or object. The Character Magnitude options are as follows:

Magnitude Level Explanation
Average Others in the neighborhood might have this ability.
Local A few others in the city could have similar abilities.
Regional Only a few in a given State would be this good.

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