No character below the age of 16 can be apped. If a character you wish to play is below this age, you are free to app them older, so long as both mind and body have been aged to match. Once a character has been approved for play, they are free to grow beyond and outside of the canon in any way they wish. In strange cases, you may be asked to explain how they arrived at extreme changes from the canon and how it was backed up by RP, but you are always free to grow and change to match where the RP takes a character. As long as players are not violating the rights of others to decline scenes on an OOC level (ICA does still mean ICC), a character may act in accordance with their nature. This includes, but is not limited to destruction of portions of the grid as a result of major fighting.

Due to the unique nature of the setting of Lost Dimension, there are potentially multiple versions of the same character. While we aren't allowing characters to be carbon copies, it does mean that if an FC is sufficiently unique from any current version of that same FC /and/ exists in the canon that can be pointed to specifically, then that character may be apped as well by a different player. This means that if there is already a Peter Parker playing Spiderman, then someone else can play Iron Spider, Silver Spider, Manspider or any number of other variations that are also Peter Parker in their own worlds. The approval of such characters will be handled on a case by case basis.

When names overlap on the character bit, acceptable variations are to append the Earth number, the Source acronym or simply a number.

Terry Mcginnis - Earth 12
Loki - DH
Venom 2099

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