Banned & Restricted Concepts


There is no true restricted list. If you have any question if it skirts on the banned list, check with staff first. Character variations and stats sitting very close to the off-limits levels will likely be the ones given extra attention prior to approval. If you think an FC may be a concept too close to another FC already approved, check with staff.

Banned: The following is a list of banned characters and/or concepts.

Anime/Manga (Including Manga adaptations of comic canons)

Chibi (ala Super Hero Squad)

Original TV/Movie/Book turned into comic adaptations (Exceptions made for characters who first appeared in a series/show fixed solely within a comic canon. Examples include Harley Quinn, Terry McGinnis and Firestar)

Humor comics (Howard the Duck)

Parody comics (Yes Ninja Turtles count)

Children's comics

Characters who can alter the state of reality in any way beyond exceptionally minor ways. (Terms like 'can do anything' or 'alters reality' regardless of modifiers are likely to be included on this list. Alteration or limitation of these powers based in the theme and setting of this game may allow for such a chracter to be accepted.)

Cosmic characters/powers (Living Tribunal, Spectre, Galactus, Phoenix, Onslaught, Impossible man, Imperiex, etc)

Interdimensional characters/powers (Madam web, Beyonder, etc)

Extreme Cross overs/Amalgams (Ra's Alpocolypse, etc)

Gamebreakers (If they would not be a 24/7 style hero or villain beyond a set story arch, then they certainly won't work here including such things as Marvel Zombies)

Any FC variation not supported by canon and appropriate to the balance of this game. (Such as Wolverine in an Iron Man suit.)

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