The two most basic aspects of almost any Skill, Power or Object will be it's Magnitude and Prowess. Magnitude represents the overall scope of a given ability. How likely is one to run across similar powers or skills and at those rough levels? Prowess is the fine tuning within that scope and represents a scale of how good you are when compared to others in roughly that same level.

These two can be combined to good effect, allowing you to represent the same power in several ways. A good example of this might be the strength of Superman. If listed National Magnitude, his Prowess falls under the banned (strongest man on Earth, IE: Ultimate), but if one accepts that he is Galactic, his Prowess can be lower and still equate to the same basic strength.

Any aspect beyond Magnitude or Prowess can be listed in the desc of a given ability. These other aspects include the range, power source or special limitations. Note that if something is a unique weakness or effect, they do not get listed as powers or aspects of powers. They get listed as a Weakness or Effect.

Range, Power Source, Limitations, Prowess and Magnitude

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