Character Application Options

On Lost Dimension, we currently use two separate ways to apply for your character in an attempt to make the process as quick and painless as possible for you as a player.

You can find explanations for the terms used on the wiki or in the template in our News files on the game, by using the Search function on our wiki or by going here.

Please remember, at any time during either process, you are more than welcome to page, @mail *Staff or Email us with any questions or concerns you have. It's what we're here for, after all!

Email Application

One of the ways that you can apply for your character is to copy and paste the template that can be found here into the body of your email and when it's filled out, sent off to moc.liamg|ffatsnoisnemidtsol#moc.liamg|ffatsnoisnemidtsol.

Eir's Application and Supergirl's Application are both examples of what this form would look like once filled out. Please keep in mind, these are just examples and format from one to the next can vary slightly though we'd prefer you stay, at least somewhat, close to the outline of the template so that we can ready through your application and respond to you as quickly as possible.

Wiki Application

The process for the Wiki Application is a little different because of how the information is made available. Here are a couple examples of completed wiki pages if you need them. Joker and Olivia Queen.

Not all of the information below is required. If it is, it will be marked as such.

For this option we ask that you @mail *Apps the following information so that we may get things set up for you to begin the wiki process:

1. How do you want your wiki listed? (Required) Full name or Codename?

2. What's the URL of the picture you want to go up on the FC or OC page?(Required for FCs only) If you don't have one, please use 'None'.

3. Who is the Actor/Actress for your character? If you don't have one, please use 'None'.

4. Piece of Their World? (Required) What, if any, piece of their would did they get brought here with? A house? A business? A city block? If there's any piece of where they came from (It has to have been surrounding them at the time) or any person (It can go up on the Characters Wanted list) that came over with them, this is where you let us know. If not, simply answer with 'None'

5. What is your email address? his would be strictly for Staff and never shared with anyone. It is only meant as a way to contact you of game, if necessary, regarding your character.

6. Alpha or Omega? (required) This is strictly OOC information. Your character will have no knowledge of which one pulled them from their world. It is only so Staff knows in which area of the grid your character should first arrive. Please don't worry, travel between the areas is easy ICly, this is just to give you a starting point

7. Mu* History? Far from required, we are merely attempting to get to know our playerbase better so that some plots can be tailored to their interests.

8. How Did You Find Us?

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