As the name implies, Alpha is and was the creator of all things within a number of realities. Perhaps not the creator of all reality, but still quite powerful. Originally simply a force, sentience was required to properly manage it's task. With sentience comes ego and a desire for entertainment.

An eventual struggle to decide who was more powerful or important began with the two siblings, but one where each tried to prove that they could easily do the job of the other. The creator was forced into the role of the destroyer. It had to use creation and the making of new things as a way to result in maximum destruction.

Should Alpha win, this reality will be spared and creation will be allowed to florish. Despite everything, Alpha doesn't really care about its creations. Whatever sense of nurturing may exude from the being, it is simply a byproduct of it's creative nature. On the surface, Alpha seems to be the evil being to most, as it makes no attempt to hide that it's end goal is the destruction of this world and everything on it.

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