This is the range of where someone falls in the scale of the heroic or evil. The breakdown of options is as follows:

Alignment Explanation
Hero Undeniably good people. While they may make mistakes or have their own personal interests, they are generally trying to make the world a better place and bring down evil. They follow their own strict moral codes as closely as they can, which can lead to some hard choices.
Antihero They are trying to serve the greater good, even if it means committing evil acts. They may have a moral code, but often set it aside if the greater task requires it be sacrificed.
Neutral Generally people who see themselves as good, but avoid dangerous conflicts or situations where they may suffer personal loss. They might donate to a good cause, but they probably won't take a bullet for someone they don't personally know.
Selfish Still generally seeing themselves as good people, they look out for number one above others. They might still save someone they care about (especially if they like how that person makes them feel about themselves), but they will never go out of their way for others unless there is some personal gain to be had.
Villain Strangely, some villains have a better moral code than the selfish. Still, they are doing things that are undeniably bad. They are working to actively bring about chaos, suffering or other ill effects. Even so, most of them are not pure evil for evil's sake.
Evil Evil for Evil's sake. They don't care about lofty ideals, personal gains or other things. Their goal is simply to create suffering and destruction. These sorts are rare, often proving out as the source of major conflict and unless they are very powerful, they tend to get brought down quickly. The most common source of this sort of alignment is insanity.

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